One night last month, I was unable to sleep. I just kept on tossing and turning and had to literally rebuke the devil at some point with ‘you will not steal my sleep!!!! So, now I am on my way to work the next day cranky and the allergies, oh God the allergies were dealing brutally with me plus I was feeling frustrated and of course I began to vent to God. It’s just me and Him in the car, right? I think one of the truest moments in my journey with God is when I talk to Him about my life and ask questions – I should be farther along in life than I am right now, what’s up with that Lord? You’ve got to do something God; I don’t know how much more I can take! Like, are you kidding me? Tell me why am I even serving you? After I was done venting, I literally heard Him say – ‘Trust me, I am doing something. Do you not see it?‘ I was quick with my reply – No! I don’t!!! I don’t see what it is you are doing but if you say to trust you then that’s what I am going to do because it is what you ask of me.

That morning reminded me that God sees me and He hears me!!!!. Whatever hiccups, frustration, desperation there is in your life right now God knows it. There’s an Israel Houghton song – He knows my name, He knows my every thought, and He sees each tear that fall and hears me when I call. He’s not deaf, blind or mute. He can speak to you in the most desperate of moments! He can hear you even when all you think you’re giving to him is mumblings that no one else would understand. But He hears us and all He asks of us is that we know ‘I AM HERE AND I SEE AND I KNOW AND I HAVE GOT YOU!!!!! I GOT YOU!!! TRUST ME ON THAT. ALL THINGS ARE WORKING FOR YOUR GOOD.

I am going to leave you with this scripture in Psalm 37:25 ‘I once was young, now I’m a graybeard— not once have I seen an abandoned believer…’ (Message Version) and another Travis Greene song – Intentional; I love this song because it tells me aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll things are working out for my good because God is intentional about me and He is never failing!!!!! His love never fails!!!!!! So the frustrations, the hiccups, the desperation, the disappointments, the waiting, all are working for my good!!!!

Image: UnlockingTheBible via flickr (cropped)