Gladys is earnest about teaching people the importance of worship inside and outside the Church. She is a believer in genuine worship that points people to Jesus Christ, and she is committed to training and discipling other worship leaders. You’ll be given the skills and guidance you need to build your practice and presence as a worshiper, based on over 20 years of leading worship. Whether you want to expand your spiritual sensitivity or lean into the authority and confidence you already have, this is a great place to start with her Mentorship Program, The GLADTOBE Collective.


If there is one thing that we need, it is to be overwhelmed by God’s palpable presence. Worship is a heartfelt experience for Gladys, and it begins long before she takes the microphone to lead. She’s created a practical and spiritual roadmap that you may use to make a significant difference in your worship leading.


Gladys is a storyteller at heart. This stems from her desire to listen to the Holy Spirit’s message and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She has a unique way of reaching out to people who have genuine questions about God, and she isn’t afraid to tackle the “tough” subjects. It is her testimony that God took a “weary girl” and brought her back from the depths of depression. She realised that God isn’t nearly as complicated as we make Him out to be. He genuinely cares about our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He has called us to ‘Thrive,’ not to ‘Strive’. When Gladys speaks as a Bible teacher, she helps people see themselves as God sees them.