One of the many reasons I love Steffany Gretzinger is the purity and strength of her lyrics. You listen and you know this girl has ‘soaked’ in the presence of God.
‘This Close’ featuring Chandler Moore(another favorite) is from her latest album and very powerful. Me, just sitting this morning, listening to this song; I am in awe of how she captures the heart of the father through her songs.

Here’re the first 2 verses.

You’re not struggling to hear me
So I’m not striving to be heard
I am sure the One who made me
Is catching every word

When You’re this close
I rest my soul
It’s effortless
When You’re this close

Be rest assured that in this Covid season, God is closer than you think!  I’ve been going through my youtube archives and I stumbled upon a Myles Munroe teaching on crisis.  It’s titled Overcoming Seasons of Crisis, this blessed me to no end.

Here’s what I got out of that message and a lot of it only confirms my feelings the last couple of months while we’ve all been dealing with Covid-19.

Everything has a season so the way I see it, Covid too is a season.  Seasons come and pass so this too will pass.  It is what we do while it is in progress that matters.  Yes, it is a crisis and while I understand that a crisis is an event we have no control over; we do have control over our own thoughts.

I am resolved to not give in to the effects of this crisis, instead, I am focused on the father knowing that nothing is permanent except God and His promises and there are so many of His promises I can stand on at this time.

God is always stable while the world shakes!  The world is shaking now but I am resolved to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord because I know He is closer to me than the air that I breathe.  This is why this particular song got me on my knees.  God isn’t struggling to hear me, His ears are not deem that He cannot hear me.  So, beloved I ask that you bring your burdens to Him today, bring your fear and everything you might be feeling because of this crisis and as you pray, please keep informed and be aware.  Be blessed and stay safe!

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