One of the things I love about God Conversations is how every Saturday we get to have a heart conversation about God and His impact on our lives.  The past few weeks have seen me and my guests be so transparent and vulnerable.. something that I never thought that I would be able to do on a social media platform.

So, I invited my girl Carol Lobban for a chat and there was no surprise there, it was loaded full of some heavy stuff.  Let me give you a quick summary before you catch the video.

Here are some of the gems from the sit-down…

  • God uses your healed struggle(s) to help somebody else
  • Having a big voice doesn’t mean anyone can hear it
  • “My voice could never be heard because I always wanted it to sound like something else.” wow!!!!
  • Give yourself permission to be brave… A lot of us don’t do that. We let our issues beat us down because we think we can’t get up from under it.
  • When you hold on to things that are not for you, it’s worse than having nothing.
  • Letting go is not the worst thing… It is a trust thing
  • Being alone is a place of growth… To grow, you need fewer distractions.   Some relationships are distractions.
  • We’re afraid of being alone because we don’t know who we are.
  • Someone else has gone through what you’re going through…we need more authentic/transparent Christianity!
  • You can pray, hold the bible, AND go to therapy!!
  • Understand what it means to be in a relationship with God…At a point, in her journey, God told her ‘because I’m in a relationship with you, there are certain things I won’t do because they hurt You.’  That is powerfully ‘freeing’, don’t you think?