Hello people! So, since my last post I have been waiting for clarity from the Lord on my next steps especially in this COVID era. As the days went by, it became clearer that I was going in the ‘talk lane’ with the blog.

Then, came the struggle of what do I call it, and sure enough, He gave me a beautiful title and that’s how ‘The God Conversations Series’ was birth. This is our second episode because your girl made some rookie mistakes and deleted the first hour of the first episode by mistake! Lol.

Anyway, I had a chat with the lovely Dr. Margaret Alabi (@dr.mar.g); she dropped so many wisdom gems, it was amazing!!! Please go follow her.

This is a short one but I will see you on my next IG live where I will be chatting with another guest. Le’ts make it a date and if you’re not yet subscribed to my YouTube Channel or following me on social media yet, please do.

And lastly, please share and comment on this episode and let’s keep the conversation going! I would love your thoughts on this topic. #breakfreefromyourlimitations #freeyourmind

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay