This God Conversations Episode with Dr. Genevieve Kumapley was a beautifully explosive one! My goodness, 1 could barely stay in my seat for the entire episode.

One question I asked her was what she would say to people who were feeling confused and frustrated about this whole Covid situation? Those people who are frustrated because at some point last year or even early this year, they decided to pursue their dreams after years of being scared and boom, Covid hit and now it feels like everything is at a dead stop.

She quickly without missing a beat said to me – ‘No, Covid is not a dead stop, it is a reset! Did you hear that? Covid is not a dead stop, it is a RESET! So, no matter what space you’re in right now, Covid should not define or label you! You are a child of God, you can pray and get directions for what you should be doing in this season. God is accessible to you.

Never forget that! Now, take a listen – I know you will be blessed!