My worship journey started in Christ Chapel, Lagos and it has been a journey!!!  I fondly remember my friend Yinka telling me I had to join the choir (Faith For Now) and me shaking my head and saying an emphatic no!!!  He eventually told me they were holding an audition and I should try out, what’s the harm?  So, on that Saturday – I showed up and there was no one there! I turned around to leave with the intention of going to deal with Yinka later but someone walked out and stopped me to ask who I was looking for.  He happened to be the pianist (now Pastor Teteh) and needless to say, I got that audition and the rest is history.  There are so many people God used to bring me into the worship ministry – my dad, he gave me such a love of music; Yinka Fagbuaro and my big sis from another mother Aunty Pat Mohie– they both saw something I didn’t see at the time.  I also have to mention Dr. Tunde Joda who exposed me to the power that worship plays in our lives as Christians. I give God glory that He counted me worthy to be a minstrel in His kingdom but I also thank everyone for allowing God use you to push me into my destiny.