The christian life basically is a daily walk with God and it is the simplicity of it that Wole and I chatted about. This was absolutely one of my favorite conversations in the God Conversations series, hands down! We talked about other things but ultimately all of this conversation centered around this topic hence the title.

I love that statement and want to add that a daily walk with God is encountering Him on a daily basis.  People hear that and say what does that mean especially in this current climate when we were forced to actually stop congregating in physical buildings previously? Let me try to explain.

Christianity is a personal walk with God.  When it becomes personal, it flows into every area of your life and helps you navigate through different seasons.  Anything other than that in my opinion is religiosity.

In my experience, walking with God is not as complicated as it sounds.  In actuality, to walk with God is to decide to allow God to hold your hand at all times. At all times, good and not so good!

Also, in recent times; I have had to redefine what Christianity means to me and I don’t know if that is something that came with age but I got tired of going by other people’s definition of what walking with God is and was able to redefine that through my own experience with God and I can tell you it is not as complicated as it sounds, trust me on that!

Wole beautifully talked about embracing a few things in life; one being his walk with God.  He has seen maturity, progression, what God has brought him to and His grace in being able to adapt to each thing in its own season.  That was powerful for me.

If you take anything out of this episode, please understand that the christian walk is an internal experience that we all manifest externally in different ways.  Knowing God and walking with God is a relationship that must be cultivated and it is not as hard as it sounds.  Simply, let God lead you and you follow.  Take a listen ➡   Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel!!