Worship started to evolve for me about 5 years ago.  Essentially, I began to get hungry for something more after I would lead worship at church.  It began with questions like ‘is this it?’  And those questions arose because I would feel incomplete or even like someone who ate but wasn’t completely full and yet had to get up from the table.  Make sense?

So, in my quest to quench that hunger; I literally began to seek out people who were already doing this.  People who were leading worship with the same passion I felt like I was developing.  I mean my sense at that time was ‘they must have this same hunger that I had’.

So, I began to follow Steffanny Greitzinger, Tasha Cobbs, Travis Green, Benita Washington to name a few.  Of course, it was like a dam burst open and I can tell you that this fire I feel when I lead worship now came out of that hunger.

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