This conversation was so awesomely mind blowing but I will try to summarize some of my favorite gems in this post… I hope I capture it that way. 🙂  The main gist of this whole conversation was ‘what should our mindset be in this current dispensation the whole world has found itself in?  Here goes –

Our life is like a book … all things work together for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Some of those things might be discouraging, terrible, disappointing, etc. but somehow God will make sure they all work together.  You might open the page of discouragement or one of disappointment but at the end of the day, you will get to the chapter of victoryUnderstand that every storm has an end date and when you outlast the storm then you have victory.

To get the change you’re praying for, you need to make a change. Remember the story of the prodigal son? Until he made the decision to return home, even if it was to become a servant in his own father’s house; nothing changed in that story.  Going back actually saved him from further suffering.

Sometimes, we get so stuck in our present that we think there is nothing in the past that could bring solution.  I find in situations like this that the biggest conversation we need to have is with ourselves.  We need to learn to be brutally honest with ourselves.

It’ll save a lot of heartaches especially because the enemy will try to steal the peace of where you are with the fear of where you have been!!   This is a good place for me to remind you that God is accessible to you at any point in your journey of life.   Let me reiterate that ‘if you take time to know God, you’ll see Him for exactly if who He is.’

So, in these uncertain times, we need to aspire to be better not bitter. This was a hard one because God knows there have been ‘bitter’ days especially given our current client and how the country is being handled right but I will stop being bitter, I change nothing by staying that way.

We also need to be in spiritual equilibrium, stay proactively patient, and remember that if you leave everything in God’s hand, you will see God’s hand in everything.  He is a man of His word!! 🙂