Worship is a powerful way to refuel our heart.   In the storm, it is what brings us peace.  In the fire, it is our hope and in the wilderness, our anchor.  It basically reminds us of who God is; what He has done and what He can and will do. It is our safe place; where we find answers, wisdom, strength and comfort.

We find our balance most of all from the feet of Jesus in worship.  That has been my experience and one that has influenced the way I worship.  It gives me a special understanding of how much God loves me and that is the position that I approach Him from.  Life will throw complications at us that brings imbalance of mind, body and spirit.  But worship and the word will bring back your balance every time.

King David’s Worship
Do you notice that David’s default was always worship?  It made no difference what season of life He was in.  During the Bathsheba saga, he worshipped. When he was running for his life because Saul was after him, he worshipped.  He basically had the same hunger to worship God when he was on top of the world and during his darkest days. Let’s look at these two scriptures from the Passion Translation of the bible.

Psalm 108:

My heart, O God, is quiet and confident, all because of you. Now I can sing my song with passionate praises!
Awake, O my soul, with the music of his splendor.
Arise, my soul, and sing his praises! I will awaken the dawn with my worship, greeting the daybreak with my songs of light.
Wherever I go I will thank you. All the nations will hear my praise songs to you.
Your love is so extravagant, it reaches higher than the heavens! Your faithfulness is so astonishing, it stretches to the skies!

Psalm 86:

86 King David’s prayer
Lord, bend down to listen to my prayer. I am in deep trouble. I’m broken and humbled, and I desperately need your help.
Guard my life, for I’m your faithful friend, your loyal servant for life. I turn to you in faith, my God, my hero; come and rescue me!
Lord God, hear my constant cry for help; show me your favor and bring me to your fountain of grace!
Restore joy to your loving servant once again, for all I am is yours, O God.
Lord, you are so good to me, so kind in every way[a] and ready to forgive, for your grace-fountain keeps overflowing,
drenching all your lovers who pray to you.

Like David, worship will humble you and at the same time boost your spirit!  It is to be so lost in His presence where nothing else matters!  Like taking long walks with someone you’re intimate with.   We must be intimate with God.  Intimacy breeds radical worship!

Worship is our response to God’s love.

Think about how extravagant that love is that God would give His own son as a sacrifice for your sins?  What kind of response does that require? Personally? Wild praise!!!

Worship Helps You See You Through God’s Eyes.

And if that’s the case, we should see ourselves victorious, strong, believing we are able by His grace and enabled by His love. Nothing should hinder you when you come to that realization. It brings you in agreement with God’s word.  You don’t need to be a worship leader, just have a worshipper’s heart.  It will change your visuals from what you see to how God sees and that can bring a 360 degree turn around in your life.

Worship humbles you.
The more I spend time in worship, the more I get the understanding of the love of Jesus.  Because I think about where I would be if not for His grace. A song by Israel Houghton comes to mind.   It talks about the grace of God carrying us in every season of life.  A grace that restores, redeems, gives us freedom to worship, one that repairs visions and dreams and  releases miracles.  This grace humbles me to no end. Take a listen…

Worship is about trust
Worship will get you through the deepest of waters and the darkest valleys to the point where you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.  This is about TRUST which cannot come without intimacy with God.  One of my favorite Lauren Daigle song ‘You say’ talks about this. Take a listen…

Worship is Total Surrender

When we worship, we are relinquishing control of our life to God.  It is about surrender and there is so much power in doing that.  In worship, the noise of your situation goes away and you get the ability to hear clearly what God is saying and that may come through reading the bible or worshipping by yourself or even like I put in the last post, while listening to playlists.  This is one of fastest ways for me hearing God’s voice. Think of it as ‘tarrying’ in the place of worship.

Whatever you’re facing today; get in the word and put on some worship.  More important, let the truth of those words/lyrics soak your heart, reminding you of all that God is and that He loves you and is able do immeasurably more than you can think or imagine.  That is where your strength and comfort is going to come from.  I speak from experience, thanks for reading!!!

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash