Hi everyone!!! It’s been a minute. I am very excited today because we get to see a vision that God gave to me late 2019 into this new decade become reality today. I remember starting to pray about what the ‘WorshipWithGladys’ vision was going to be in 2020 and hearing the word ‘virtual’. This became clearer while I was on a work trip. I was lying down when these rush of ideas for t started popping into my heart. I remember frantically writing them excitedly and then the questions started – how are you going to pull all this together?

I have always understood something about God, and it is that when He gives you a vision, He brings all that’s needed for that vision to become reality. All you need to do is get an understanding of what it is so that you can run with it. You may not even necessarily get the whole thing immediately but trust, believe and stand on His word and I can guarantee you, you will see it.

So, today March 21st, 2020, I invite you to join me for my first eWorship experience at 6 pm on all my platforms – (links here) and let us worship together and dwell in His presence and go in deep!

I leave you with this scripture – He will keep in perfect peace them whose hearts are stayed on Him! I love it in the Message version: Isaiah 26:3

People with their minds set on you,
you keep completely whole,
Steady on their feet,
because they keep at it and don’t quit.
Depend on God and keep at it
because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.